8 reasons to Slipcover Your Furniture

8 Reasons to Slipcover Your Furniture.

Custom slipcovers can change the look of a room almost instantly and extend the life of your furniture.  Slipcovers can  fit-like-a-glove or loose and casual, depending on your style.  
  1. You still love the piece
  2. It fits the room perfectly
  3. It's comfortable
  4. Your piece still has good bones
  5. Then cushions are still comfortable, and they are not compressing
  6. It cost less than a new piece
  7. You want to change out the look by having 2 slipcovers 
  8. you want the option to wash them

Tips in selecting fabric for a slipcover

  1. Medium weight works best.  There are many seams that join together, so sturdy medium weight is best
  2. Textured or printed fabric.  Wrinkles will be less noticeable.
  3. Tightly woven, printed or dark colored fabric will not reveal the upholstery underneath
  4. Cotton is the best choice for a washable slipcover 

How much fabric?

  • Sofa 17-22 yds
  • Loveseat 16-20 yds
  • Arm chair 8-10 yds
  • Wingback chair 9-11 yds
  • Ottoman 2-4 yds
The yardages vary depending on how many cushions you have and if there is a skirt on the piece.

Would you like an estimate on the cost to slipcover for your piece of furniture?