My Fabric Covered Shutters

I've made a few shutters, but I hadn't got any pictures of them installed. So I made some for my son's house, and went and installed them today, while no one was home. I posted pictures of them on my facebook page and while I was doing that I got a pop-up instant chat from my son. He happened to see my post and thought, "I think my mom is making some of those for me". Then he looked closer at the pictures and realized the windows were his. He hadn't gone up-stairs to even know I had put them in today. They are on the stair landing so he would of been able to see them from the 1st floor. Too funny!

The shutters are fully operable. They open and close just like plantation shutters. There is a door pull on the inside edges, and a latch to keep them closed. The shutters could be a great alternative to roman shades.


  1. Seriously awesome job on the pattern match Zona!! No surprise with your workmanship, but still needed to mention and give kudos!! Very Nice!


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