Saturday, September 5, 2009

Grommet Panels

Grommet drapes continue to be a popular custom treatment. They are a versatile drapery style that fits most settings. I came across some grommets that have a clever added piece to add to your grommets. The grommets have an attachment on them to make it easier to add a wand to the leading edge to pull the grommets across the rod. The grommet link can also be added to control the spacing on the panels when opening and closing.

Click on this link from Rowley Company for a quick video explaining the grommet link

Bob Sprain of Bob Sprains Draperies in Paso Robles California shared a great idea with Helser Brothers . Bob says that traversability is usually an issue with grommetted panels and that he has found the perfect solution. He puts one of Helser Brothers steel wands with a welded ring between the first and second grommets inside the leading edge and it works like a charm.
There are several unique shapes and colors to add subtle style to your grommet panels available today. The unique shapes can add so much personality to your rooms no matter how simple the treatment is. (you cannot use the grommet link with these grommets.)

This group of unique grommets are from Kwik-affix

I scoured the internet and found some really cool looking grommet panels. Take a look at some very unique panels that I found:

Grommet panel by Connie Sikora

Grommet Panel by Ruth Zahler

Grommet panels over cornice board by MaryAnn Plumlee

Grommet Panel by Bob Sprains

Grommet Panel by Kelly Geraghty

Grommet Panels by Kelly Geraghty

Grommet Panels by Cristine Sheppard