Simple Elegant Gathered Valance

This valance is very easy to make, yet because of the fabric chosen it can be a very elegant looking valance. I choose a semi-sheer silk fabric. The liner is a poly- sheer. The semi-sheer gave the valance a light, airy, flowing look.

Pattern pieces and spacing:

1. Determine how wide you want each gathered flag to be after gathering.
In my valance the flags are 7" finished after gathering. The pattern is 2X the width + seam allowance.

2. Allowance for finished length: The finished length + seam allowance and mounting allowance. I used 2" for the mounting allowance and 1" for seam allowance. I allowed extra seam allowance in the length because of the point on the flag.

3. Determine the straight edge length before tapering to the point. My measurement was 11"

4. Next determine how far apart you want the flags to be after mounting them. Mine were approximately 4" apart.

5. To determine how many flags you will need:
a. finished board width - 1 flag width
b. divide by spacing determined in step # 4= number of flags. You will also need 2 flags for each return.

In my valance my finished board width was 36"-7" (one flag width) =29" divided by 4 ( approximate spacing ) = 7.25. I rounded up to 8 flags.

6. re-adjust for the actual space between flag points
a. finished board width_____ - 1 flag width_____ =______ divided by number of spaces = _______Your actual space between flag points. The 2 outside flags are placed at each end. The return flag points are at the corner and around the return of the board.
For my valance the finished board width was 36" -7 ( width of 1 flag) = 29" divided by 7 spaces (I had 8 flags) = 4.14" space between each flag point.

Using Flag pattern cut flags and lining

With right sides together sew flag and lining pieces.
I added tassels to each flag and sewed them in. You may also add micro welting in the seams.
Trim seam allowances and turn right side out.

Press the flag

Hand gather flags or us a zigzag stitch and sew over upholstery thread and gather up flags

Finished width after gathering 7"

Cut a piece of 1/2" welting to staple to the top of the board. By adding the welting the flags will have more of a lighter more graceful fall off the board, rather than a blunt squared off fall.

Stapled welting on board.

Mark the center of each flag. Mark the spacing on the boards also. Mine was 4.14" apart. Align center of flag and spacing and staple flag to the board.

The flags were randomly placed one on top of the other.

Finished Valance


  1. Hey Zona,
    You did a really nice job taking close-ups of each step. That's not always as easy as it looks. The valance looks like something I need to try!
    The blog looks very nice, we've got you linked on ours. Thanks for linking to us!



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