March Madness Time!

It's March madness time!

You may ask; how does sports relate to the window covering business? We need to be team players also. Let me elaborate on some key points in relationship from sports to and the window covering business:


Who's on your team? It's you suppliers, installers, and employees. You are their coach, their leader. It's up to you to bring your team together to be a winner. Be sure as their coach, you have defined what is expected of them. If your employee isn't producing the kind of work you expect, it's up to you to coach and show them the way you expect things done. As the coach, you set the standards. You need to set up your game plan and convey that to your team members. When you are considering hiring an installer, what is his appearance? Does he take his shoes off after walking through the snow? How does he communicate with your client? He's part of your team; he needs to know what is expected. But he won't know, if you don't coach him. How about your suppliers? Do you except products that are not up to your standards? If you receive fabric that is flawed do you try to get by, or do you send it back and demand quality? Be a tough coach!


In basketball there are different positions. Each player is required a different set of skills and contributes that to the game. As the team leader, are you weak in a certain position? Fill that position with someone who has that attribute. Find your niche. Do what you do best and stick to it. Think of the old say, "Jill" of all trades, but master of none. Be willing to let go of the position in your business that your are not proficient in.


Set up a system for your business. Doing things the same way each time, will turn you into a master of that task. Build a system-dependent business, not a person dependent business. You will become more proficient and increase your productivity, and in turn you'll earn more more per hour. It's OK to experiment with new techniques. Make samples and perfect a new technique. Be open to new ideas, you may find one that works better the the one you use now.


Education! Get involved with a WCAA chapter or some kind of group that meets locally. If there isn't one in your area, start one. Attend a seminar or go to a conference, There are conferences offered all over the country, year round. Take a class at the Custom Home Furnishings Academy. There are a lot of networking opportunities on the internet. And easiest of all READ!