Covering an Arch Valance Frame

Until recently I have not been totally happy with the way I had been covering my frame for arched windows. I recently made 8 arched frame valance treatments, and by the time I was done covering all of them, I perfected a way that I was happy with. Follow along as I demonstrate how I covered the frames.

Cut an arch frame out of plywood or OSB wood. For this frame my wood was 3" X 22" deep.

Cut a square piece of blackout lining the width and length of the valance frame.

Begin stapling the lining to the frame along the outside edge

Next staple the lining to the inside edge of the frame

Inside and outside edges complete

Trim away the excess fabric on the outside and inside edges.

Add gimp along the raw edges of the inside and bottom for a clean edge

Cut a strip of lining as wide as the wiggle board and long enough to go around the outside edge of the frame. Staple lining to the outside of arch frame.

Cut a piece of wiggle board to be stapled along the outside edge of the frame
Using a nail gun, nail the wiggle board to the frame.

Staple the lining to the edge of the wiggle board

Trim off excess lining
You are now ready to mount the finished treatment

The finished valance treatment is used to cover the top of the wiggle board

Cover the raw edges with twill tape or gimp

Finished valance treatment


  1. Beautiful and very professional. I love the way you covered the wood arch.

  2. Hi Zona,

    So glad to see you blogging!! Can't wait to see what you post.


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